“I really think that my daughters time with you was exactly what she needed.  She seems more confident (and that was even one of her affirmations) and I think she’s really been trying to “treat others the way she wants to be treated”.  I really think she made a nice connection with you.  You are amazing at what you do!  I think your approach to working with young girls and adolescents is  working and something that every child could benefit from.  You find a way to combine exercise, mindfulness, art, music and overall wellness in a nurturing environment!” Anne

“Kelly has made an incredible impact on my life and the way I choose to live every single day. She has helped me develop strategies to feel happy and healthy that I can use to turn around even my worst of days. Kelly was always there to encourage me, but also show a little “tough love” when she knew there was an obstacle in my life that made me nervous, but she knew I could overcome. She knew my potential and made sure that I too knew my worth. She was always right there to motivate me and lift me up throughout my journey to a healthier and more positive lifestyle. We worked as a team to set personal goals that were challenging, but ultimately worth it in the end. Even when I felt discouraged, Kelly was always patient and understanding. I didn’t just talk to her to have her respond with advice until our session was up. I felt comfortable talking about my problems with her and actively working together to find solutions that would make me feel better mentally and physically. I now have the confidence and drive to succeed that I never had before and I owe it to Kelly for providing me with such a caring, persistent support system! I highly recommend her to anyone that is feeling like they are stuck in a rut and needing some positive motivation in life. Thank you Kelly for all that you do!” Amanda, age 17

“I have worked with Kelly for several years and have found her to be very kind and knowledgeable. She has a calming spirit, strong sense of commitment and a clear understanding of people’s needs. Her approach is soft, inviting, funny and effective. If you get a chance to work with Kelly you will not regret it! She is sending a positive message and changing the world around her.” Elizabeth

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