Strong Minds, Healthy Bodies

download (1)Each young person will participate in weekly sessions, including both personal training and wellness coaching. Locations will vary each week depending on the specific goal and need of the adolescent. Trust Your Gut, Inc can come to your home, meet with your child in the community, or at the Cumberland office. Individuals can sign up for hour long sessions or 90 minutes. Typically one meeting per week is all that is necessary but accommodations can be made if additional support is desired. Trust Your Gut, Inc is available by phone Monday –  Friday and continuously by email.

Personal Training

Trust Your Gut, Inc offers weekly individual personal training sessions. These sessions will be structured to meet the individual physical fitness needs of your child. They will learn how to best treat their bodies for optimal strength and health. Exercise routines will be formatted so they can be practiced during the week when your child is at home.

Wellness Coaching

During each weekly session, your child will also participate in a wellness coaching conversation to assist in helping your child reach the lifestyle goals they wish to achieve. These goals are identified by each individual, and broken down into achievable steps. Various at-home tasks will be given as well as other self reflective material to assist in the continued weekly success.

A Hint of Counseling

While traditional mental health counseling is not intended to be the focus, Trust Your Gut, Inc is skilled as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and will utilize these skills while assisting each individual with their own wellness journey.

Parent Time!

On a monthly (or bi-monthly) basis, parents will join their young person and trainer/coach to discuss goals, progress and need for continued support. This visit will be led mainly by your child as they articulate their accomplishments and problem solving skills. This is an opportunity to ask questions, gain insight and provide praise for monumental efforts.

Saturday Adventure Morning (SAM)

Once a month Trust Your Gut, Inc offers a group adventure to take place within the community. This SAM is an opportunity for the adolescents to come together and support each other as they navigate similar challenges and push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Each SAM will incorporate components of personal training and wellness coaching. Adventures include bike rides, hikes, yoga, 5K races and more! At times SAM will incorporate a community guest to provide additional education, support and wellness. Guests includes local nurses, dietitians, yoga instructors and more!

A job well done….

As each individual gains confidence and meets their mental and physical goals, a certification of completion will be awarded. Each adolescent who has received a certificate is welcome to attend each monthly SAM at half the cost…for continued support, friendship, and to serve as a mentor for those currently working to develop skills on how to follow their intuition and listen to their bodies.