Our Purpose

Trust Your Gut, Inc

A Mental and Physical Wellness Service for Adolescents

Trust Your Gut, Inc  started with the hope of empowering young people to feel self confident and well equipped to successfully navigate their ever changing worlds. We utilize counseling, personal training, wellness coaching (and life experience!) to help kids (Kindergarten – College, and now Toddlers!) develop healthy bodies and strong minds. By learning to take care of oneself – mind and body – we believe ones ability to find self acceptance grows. And with that growth, happiness soars.
We promote positive self image by learning to pay attention to what your body is telling you and learning how to respond to those needs in a healthy way. As our name implies, Trust Your Gut, Inc strives to assist the younger generation with becoming acquainted with and listening to the little voice inside each of us.

Strong Minds, Healthy Bodies, Confident Kids

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Trust Your Gut, Inc seeks to assist adolescents in developing self worth by learning to care for their bodies and listen to their intuition. TYG focuses on movement and mindset by way of kindness.


Adolescents will feel confident to be true to themselves; finding comfort, pride and happiness in their identity. Adolescents will practice treating themselves and others with kindness.

Core Values

At Trust Your Gut, Inc we strive to:
  • Listen to our intuition
  • Use our voice to accurately express and honor ourselves
  • Engage in hard-work as we try and try again
  • Fuel our minds and bodies with what it needs to keep us happy and healthy
  • View challenges as opportunities we embrace
  • Treat ourselves and others with kindness